American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review

In pursuing figure skating, there are several factors that we need to consider. One of them would be getting the best pair of ice skating shoes. There are several brands that claim to have the best ice skates in the world, so we did a review on one of them. We had the chance to test and do an in-depth assessment of the American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates. If you are looking for one of the best figure skates for beginners, then I suggest you continue reading through.

Features and Specifications

Hollow ground, nickel plated steel blade

The nickel plating on this model gives the steel blade a different kind of charm. It adds to the brightness of the blade, making it more attractive to the eyes. It also delivers a solid combination of deterioration and wear resistant functions. Apart from all these, it protects the blade from any type of rust development.

Form-fitting padded split tongue

Similar to the Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Spiral Blade, having the boot’s padded tongue gives the uttermost comfort to the user. The split tongue design also provides a better stability and comfort on ice.

Easy-care durable PVC uppers

The  light weight PVC is maintenance-free. It facilitates good insulation and  ensures the dryness of your feet in and out of the ice. You do not have to worry about your feet feeling cold or soaked when in use.

Multi-layer ankle support

The multi-layer ankle support feature of this model is geared towards the user’s comfort. The area around the ankle is well-padded to allow a more complacent feel. It also provides assistance to keep the user balanced on the ice for optimal flexibility in movement.

Small toe pick

The small toe pick is located at the front end of the figure skate. It is a small ridge that gives the skater a reinforced feel of security and balance. It is responsible for supporting the skater when performing tricks or jumps, and landing on ice.

The Good

Good value for price

Inline with the price range of the Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates, this pair is very economical for the quality it delivers. It gives the buyer a feeling that she got more than the money’s worth. This is truly a bang for the buck.

Easy acquisition

These figure skates are so easy to find, and you do not need to go to a professional skating shop to find one. It is readily available and can be purchased at most sporting good stores or online shops.

Optimal comfort

The American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates is known for delivering a pleasant sensation when worn. It offers superior comfort compared to skate rentals offered at skating rinks. The multi-layer ankle support provides padding all around the user’s ankle, giving the user a better sense of security. It gives an enjoyable experience without sacrificing freedom of movement and flexibility.

Blades are already attached

When making a purchase on entry-level figure skates, convenience is a big factor at play. The good thing about this pair is that the blades are already mounted on the boots. Can you imagine being a first-timer and being put through the trouble of attaching a large strip of blade to a boot?

Reliable Padding

It may not be as thickly padded as the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls. Though known for its rolled padded lining and extra ankle foam for comfort,  the form fitting padded split tongue and the multi-layer ankle support on this one is at par with the Jackson Figure in terms of comfort and security.

Good beginner figure skates option

This pair is selling like hot pancakes and was tagged as one of the best entry-level figure skates. Showcasing premium comfort along with its multi-layer ankle support and full quarter padding, this is a good recommendation for beginners. It has consistent performance in different terrains.



The Bad

Not ideal for professional figure skating

The American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates are great entry-level skates. As a user progresses with the sport, the demand for better accuracy when executing moves and tricks is higher. Despite the presence of a small pick at the front end of the skate to provide an adequate sense of security and balance, professionals deem it insufficient in supporting the execution of advanced movements such as spinning and high jumping on ice. Overall, this model caters to most of the entry level users’ concerns, but may not meet a professional skater’s standards.

Limited selection in boot color

While the color white looks clean, sleek and professional, it would still be nice if it were to come with different color options. Since the model is loved by children and starting skaters, having an option to choose a boot color can add some spice.

Who Is It For?

The American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates skating shoes is highly recommended for casual skaters and entry-level users who need a great pair to start with. These are perfect for kids and adults who plan to use it for a long time as it provides superior comfort. This pair is for everyone who values accessibility and convenience. This is because the pair can easily be purchased in physical and online stores. This is for those who want a set that is ready to use, the blades are pre-mounted on the boots on this one.


The American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates is a pair that is crafted for the user’s convenience and comfort. It is a great investment especially for kids and teens who are just learning how to skate. This also works for users who skate from time to time.

The aesthetics is clean and professional. While this exudes of good quality and elegance, this may be more suitable for beginners more than those who are engaged in professional skating. As a whole, this proves to be a great buy.