AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit, Goggles Compatible, Removable Fleece Liner Ear Pads, Safety-Certified Snow Helmet Men & Women Review

As you ski down a steep slope, there is the likelihood of falling on hard ice or knocking yourself on a tree. So you need the helmet that provides ultimate protection. At the same time, it should feel comfortable on your head. Only the best ski helmets guarantee such protection. The AKASO Ski Snowboard Helmet is one such equipment to consider. So what are its key features that distinguish it from other helmets? Can it protect you when you experience a fall on stone-hard ice? Well, let’s find out in the review, plus its best and worst features

Features and Specifications

Adjustable vent

As you ski down a slope you need air to flow in and out of your helmet. The AKASO Ski Snowboard Helmet has the ventilation design that lets in cool air and emits out hot air. At the same time, it allows you to determine the amount of heat to let out through the vent. Thus depending on the atmospheric conditions, you can decide to let out more or less war air. Adjusting the vent is straightforward as the sliding button is located on the top. It’s so simple that you can adjust it while on the move without the need to take out the helmet.

Secure chin strip

The last thing you need is a helmet falling out of its place as you ski down the slope. This AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet uses the chin strip to keep it secure to your head. Thus, even as you ski and make different stops, you can rest assured that it won’t fall off or move out of its place.

Lightweight and durable

The helmet employs lightweight but sturdy assembly. The outer shell is hard and thus not easy to crack when you fall on hard ice or hit a tree. Inside the hard shell lies the non-degrading Styrofoam. On the other hand the expanded polystyrene foam features high-density material. Consequently, it boasts high impact absorption ability. With a weight of just 1.41lbs, it feels light enough for comfortable prolonged skating. The AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet is lighter than the Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet w/ BOA Fit System which weighs 2.2lbs.

The Good

Easy to adjust the fit

Not everyone has the same head size and shape. To accommodate each person, the AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet has an adjustable fit. The design makes it easy to adjust the helmet’s fit as per your head size and shape. To do so, it employs the tension dial at the back. That, therefore, guarantees everyone a snug fit of their head covering.

Goggles compatible

The structure of the helmet makes it easy to secure the ski goggle in place. It makes use of the goggle loop at the back which locks down easily you keep the goggle in position. Therefore, as you ski or snowboard down the slope, your goggle stays right in place.

Washable fleece liners

The helmet uses the fleece liner to keep the head warm. Besides, when you need to freshen the lining, simply remove it for easy washing. Furthermore, it’s also made of materials that make it both odor and sweat-free.

Comfortable liner

Besides being washable, the lining is very comfortable over the head. It feels smooth without any protruding or excessive pressure points once you have worn it.

Sweat absorbing strap

Apart from keeping the helmet riveted to your head, the strap incorporates a sweat-absorbent material. So as you sweat and the perspiration trickles down the chin, it get absorbed at the chin.

Ideal for men and women

The construction and the design of this helmet are meant for both men and women just like the  MONATA Adult Ski & Snowboard Helmet for Men and Women Winter Snow Sports Protect – Adjustable Large Size 23.22-24 Inches. For example, its lightweight makes it comfortable for even ladies since it does feel like a heavy load.

Safety certified

Although all helmets claim to provide protection, the truth only surfaces when an accident occurs. You don’t have to bear the risk. That’s why AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet has been tested and approved by authentic bodies to be safety certified.

Available in different colors

Some people especially women are more conscious wearing matching outfits. For that reason, the AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet doesn’t restrict you to one color. Instead, the ski helmets are available three different colors namely black, blue and white. That provides relatively a wider range to match your board or clothing.

Size variety

To fit different age groups, these helmets are designed in varied sizes. Unlike the Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Helmet, Small that provides onto two sizes AKASO provides three different helmet size small, medium and large. The smaller size is adjustable between 21.3 to 22.0 inches. The medium size, on the other hand, measures 22.4 to 23.2 inches. And lastly, the larger size is adjustable from 23.6 to 24 inches.

So that makes up the top features of this helmet. Do you wish to give it a try and feel its comfort? It’s only a click of the button below;


The Bad

Wide outer shell form

One major downfall of this helmet is its wide outer shell form. Owing to that shape, it presents the deceiving look of being bulky. So if you don’t take your time to look at it closely and weigh it, you might easily mistake it as one of those extra bulky helmets.

Who is for?

If you are looking for dual sex, and a lightweight helmet then this makes a viable choice. Besides, it packs verified safety features and thus prioritizes on your safety.


Except for its wide deceiving look, the helmet is worth considering. Notice the hard shell, non-degrading Styrofoam and lightweight? Besides, its fit is adjustable. Furthermore, most reviewers give it thumbs up, click below to read what they say.