Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard Review

The Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard gives you the top surfing experience on any kind of surface with its power packed features. Named as the cheap electric skateboard for sale in our review, its rides at a top speed of 12.4 mph and a range of 10 miles on standard road conditions. The motor assembly with 350 watt capacity can drive the bard up and down at inclination of 15-degrees.  The Lithium ion battery assembly from Sony generates 162.8Wh and powers the motor at consistent speed. The maximum payload capacity of the board is 220LBs. One of the best features of the Airwheel M3 is its ability to turn around 180-deggrees to change the direction of motion. It means you can simply turn around and start moving instead of putting your board on reverse mode. You can also read the other review on the Benchwheel Dual.

Airwheel M3

Airwheel M3 – The Design Parameters

  • Airwheel M3 Deck: The deck design is flat except for the elevation at the rear wheel, to accommodate the construction mechanism of the truck‘s upward projection. The front and the rear trucks have steel plates at the top that support the deck. They are attached to the rear side of the board with the help of 4 fasteners from the top of the board. You could use the space between the two spots for positioning your feet while riding.  The deck is made of maple wood and other composite materials to make it strong and load bearing. The grip tape at the top provides firm foothold and supports body balancing while riding. The dimension of 11” X 17.6” X 32.5” makes the Airwheel M3 Deck spacious and safe to ride.  The deck height from the ground level is increased by the sturdy wheels that resemble tires in size and diameter.
  • Airwheel M3 Truck: The truck design is entirely different from the other skateboards you see online. To tell you frankly, it resembles that of a mobile concrete mixer cylinder tuned upside down. There are no visible external parts like the kingpin, axle screws, etc. The hanger and the axle are solid molded with steel. The truck connects to the hanger at the wheel axle level and the top plate that connects to the rear end of the deck. This design is expected to provide strong support to the riders’ body weight unlike the traditional models you have seen so far. The structure is called the rotation shaft as it can literally rotate the Airwheel M3 through an angle of 180-degrees.
  • Airwheel M3 Motor: The 350Watt motor assembly can work efficiently at inclination of 15-degrees as it can do on flat roads. The power generated by the motor can also push the board evenly on rough terrains with best of torque and speed. The connectivity between the motor, battery and the remote sensor is streamlined for maximum performance. You can use the remote to control the acceleration, deceleration, rotation, and stopping of the board by varying the input to the motor through the sensor. The freeness to vary the torque makes the Airwheel M3 highly flexible skateboard to be made available at economical pricing.
  • Airwheel M3 Battery: The battery assembly in the control box is located right next to the rear rotation shaft. The connectivity between the battery and the motor has the shortest cable length, increasing the efficiency of power transmission and keeping the loss to near zero. The battery supplies consistent power to the motor at the rate of 162.8Wh, which is best optimized to push the board at top speeds. The control box is designed to protect the battery assembly and the related components from all the destructive elements of external climatic conditions.
  • Airwheel M3 Wheels: The 7” wheels are naturally larger compared to the other traditional skateboard models in this range. The distinctive design of the wheels with steel exterior at the spokes cover. The exterior of the wheels are designed similar to that of a car tire that provide firm grip to them on road. With these kinds of wheel to support, you can take the Airwheel M3 on the most rugged terrains with ease and comfort. The high density and shockproof characters of the wheels make it convenient and comfortable for you to ride the board at top speeds without any loss of torque. There is a steel protective layer that covers the inner wheel diameter and connects to the axle of the rotation shaft. This construction is the other added protective feature of the Airwheel M3 wheel.Airwheel M3

Airwheel M3 – The Functional Parameters

  • Remote /Bluetooth Connectivity: The acceleration range of the Airwheel M3 can be varied with the help of the sensitive remote. The dual control chip onboard is responsible for enhanced performance of the skateboard. Moreover the Bluetooth connectivity with the smart phone can make it possible to control the Airwheel M3 with the help of a smart app. This is one feature which gives better manageability of the board to you as the rider.
  • Adaptability: The Airwheel M3 wheels make it highly flexible and adaptable to every kind of rough terrain you can hope to come across. You can easily carry it in your car and motor vehicles to your desired destination and ride to your heart’s contentment. The deck and body design of the skateboard shifts its center of gravity according to the body posture. Hence, you can ride with the maximum safety made available in this range of skateboards. The other adaptable skateboard is the Lift board.


  • Multiple Control options with remote and smart phone app (Bluetooth).
  • 180-degree rotation.
  • Variable acceleration.


  • Maximum speed and range limitations (Ideal for beginners).


The Airwheel M3 is ideal for the beginners who wish to learn the basics of skateboarding. You can use it freely on any kind of terrain with no hesitation. If you choose to focus on learning to balance your body posture, rotating your skateboard at 180-degrees, and other activities in a safe zone, the Air wheel M3 is the best recommended skateboard for you. The other review on the Dynacraft Surge will give you related information about its features and comparison with this board.