Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboards Review

When it comes to a sturdy build for the beginner skateboarder, this offering from one of the leaders in skateboards is sure to floor the user. It is sturdy as well as offers a motorized ride that is one of the best in terms of smoothness as well as range of operation. Rarely is it possible to combine an ease of operation with one of the simplest to handle by possibly the best electric skateboard.

Safety Factor

The need to offer the user as safe as an operational experience must be stressed at all times. The following features bring on an added element of safety at all times and to all sorts of riders as well.


  • A set of LED lights that not just look sharp but ensure that the rider is visible to others using the road. It is a further take from the Action Blink S that got to offer this feature at a much earlier stage.
  • One of the most well designed battery set that ensure a safe working condition no matter the situation at hand.
  • A tough outer build that is designed to withstand the hardest of knocks without losing shape or form in any way.
  • Shaped to deflect any external application of pressure outwards and thus away from the person on the board at any time.


  • A thicker back plate could have ensured a better handling at high speeds and is sorely missed at most times.


Often a lot of people that use motorized skateboards complain that the ride just does not last long enough. This is something that has been improved upon with this model to provide up to 14 miles of non-stop ride on a single charge.


  • The high capacity storage batteries in use comparable in capacity to the ones used on the Atom B.36 Longboard that provides a comparable endurance at a pricier package.
  • It is possible to provide a longer and more pleasant ride with the ideal weight to charge ratio on hand.
  • With a quick charge feature that is in built to the very design of the battery, it makes sure that the board stays on the road than it would in the closet getting charged up.
  • There is an ease of operation that keeps the novice as well as the more experienced riders fresh and in control for longer periods of time than with other comparable boards.
  • A particular mention must be made of the extreme light weight that ensures a nifty and preppy ride that is light on loading the set of batteries as well.


  • The extreme effort to bring out a light skateboard has been overdone in many instances when the very characteristic bringing out the limitations in design.

Future ready

Features like the remote control and the dual hub motors that make it possible to use regenerative braking to ensure a more comfy as well as a longer ride is indeed path breaking to say the least. An ease of use that is simply way ahead of its time.


  • Simple design that makes optimum use of the resources available.
  • The innovative thinking applied that in many ways provided the base for later developments like the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboards that came to use later on.
  • A set of motors that are frugal in use of power that enables not just a smoother operation but one with the least controls needed.
  • It has been made possible to bring out a motorized board that kept the moving parts to a minimum, thus proving to be really future ready.


  • Despite the use of advanced material and thinking to bring out one of the best in terms of performance, the limitations of the simple design can be felt when pushed to the extreme of limits.

The Practical Aspects

There are certain features that need a particular mention not for any convenience accorded but for the very thought that went into its incorporation on such a simple looking board.


  • With one of the most powerful battery set, the Action Blink S2 can be easily considered to be one for the long road.
  • The maximum use of future ready material in the construction makes this one of the better ecologically acceptable options for a skateboard. There is no such thing as pollution as far as the operations are concerned.
  • A design that placed a particular emphasis on city use and commute saw the adoption of a sleek design that helps the rider move through close traffic and with minimal efforts as well.
  • There is one less valid reason for the young and the young at heart to remain indoors with the introduction of this skateboard.


  • Despite the technological innovations and use of advance material it still remains as a tough choice to have to make a pick between a totally manual operation skate boards.

For the Speed Buffs

It would surprise the rider as to the high speeds possible with this so limited a vehicle of sorts. In the typical 14 minutes of non-stop ride, the person can get to places in a jiffy.


  • For a skateboard in the given price range it remains the fastest of the lot and is in many ways a natural choice for those looking for a really fast board to use.
  • Coupled with the high speeds possible are the quick stops as well. This is a must to prevent unhealthy situations from developing in actual use.
  • The low times needed to attain top performing speeds are a new thing as far as skateboards in the given price range are considered.


  • It would have been a good thing to bring smoothness to the stopping part of the ride as well. Too often there is rather an abrupt fall is speed that brings a certain edge to the ride.

Warranty Terms

There is a 6-month unlimited warranty on the product that protects the customer from any faulty products or workmanship. Rarely is a higher level of protection required as has been noticed in the past with the goods from this manufacturer.