Acton Blink S Electric Skateboard Review

You don’t need to spend a fortune for having an elegant ride on your Acton Blink S skateboard in your leisure time. The best budget electric skateboard can also take you on long city rides; challenge you for the 15% inclination, save your time while moving through traffic jams, and thrill you with its 15mph speed. The maximum range of 7 miles makes the Acton Blink S highly efficient and power saving. The design and the construction are perfectly made for the beginners and the pro. You can enjoy the experience of the blink lite, bright color, innovative design and absolute safety features. You can find a similar product review on the Yuneec E-GO 2.

Acton Blink S

Integrated Design of the Acton Blink S

The integrated design of the Acton Blink S includes single hub motor, strong wheels, regenerative brake, strong truck, efficient battery, and high Flexural strength of the board. Every part works in seamless integration with the others to deliver highest performance and speed within the shortest time interval after start up.

  • Hub Motor: The single hub Acton Blink S motor is designed for optimized performance to push the speed from 0 to 15mph within a span of few seconds. The acceleration is achieved with the help of a power packed motor shell, backed by a bearing, and washer. The motor is built into the urethane coated wheel and surrounded by power packed magnets. The Acton Blink S motor converts the battery supplies into maximum power and pushes the Acton Blink S board ahead on its path. You can experience the best performance in all the three modes of action for the beginner, standard and the pro.
  • Board Deck: The Acton Blink S deck is made from the composite light weight wood. The material has high tensile strength, enhanced flexural strength and rider weight capacity of 235LBs at top speed and efficiency. The manufacturers have included the warp proof property for the wood, which is induced during the process of manufacturing and pressing. The concavity of the nose and the tail determines the speed and effectiveness of the skateboard. The Acton Blink S deck goes through perfect processes of graining, leveling, shaping, contouring, gluing, and pressing to make it perfect in all practical aspects.
  • Master Truck: The master truck in the Acton Blink S has a string base plate, shockproof bushing, safety kingpin and perfectly wide axle and hanger. This device is capable of navigating the Acton Blink S through flat roads, inclined roads, and rugged terrains with ease. The bushing absorbs maximum shocks emanating from the wheels and protects the motor. The Acton Blink S kingpin design makes the device light weight and strong in nature. The long running durability of the truck is largely due to the optimum hanger with and the axle width.
  • Integrated Wheels: The integrated wheel design of the Acton Blink S makes them work at highest efficiency in all road conditions. They are made of Polyurethane compound material to provide high load bearing capacity. With a diameter of 80mm and hardness factor of 78a, the Acton Blink S wheels can at the top speed and carry maximum payload. Generally, the payload weight and the speed are in inverse proportions for the standard skateboards you find in the market. The designers of the Acton Blink S have taken special care to reverse this trend, by incorporating few innovative design aspects for the wheels. The assembly components like the bearing, axle, and the nut can withstand high volume of friction and stress from the wheels and the board weight to keep the wheel perfectly in position. The core of every wheel is designed to get perfect grip on the road and reach top RPM with little resistance. They are integrated with the regenerative braking to halt within seconds after you apply it. The average distance covered by the skateboard on the application of brake before coming to standstill determines the safety factor for the rider. The Acton Blink S wheels are designed to halt after a few inches, making it highly safe for you.
  • Regenerative Braking: The regenerative braking of the Acton Blink S is known to recharge the battery by converting the friction heat into energy. The other aspect is the speed of its action.Acton Blink S

Enhanced Functionality of Action Blink S

The enhanced functionality of the Acton Blink S is due to its efficient design, powerful parts, and efficient battery. As a rider you can experience the multiple benefits from the beginner to the intermediate levels. The higher version of this skateboard is the Acton Blink S2.

  • Acceleration: You can control the acceleration capacity of the Acton Blink S with the remote. An increase in speed naturally draws more power from the battery. However, the range remains relatively the same for the board regardless of the frequency of top speed you may reach. This feature is considered to be innovative for the low cost skateboards.
  • Remote Control: The sensors onboard the Acton Blink S can receive the signals from the remote control perfectly. You can switch from forward to reverse motion in one smooth action. The best practice is to apply the brakes, wait for the skateboard to halt, and then use the reverse button. Abrupt switching from the forward motion without braking can create shocks and vibrations. You can use the remote to regulate the forward speed of the Acton Blink S during curves and the inclined roads. Going down the hill on the board can be a thrilling experience, when the remote takes care of the safety factors perfectly.


  • Lightweight with high tensile strength.
  • Bluetooth support for remote control.
  • 7 miles range in single charging.
  • Top speed of 15mph within seconds.


  • Limited warranty
  • Low Braking efficiency at low battery


The Action Blink S is good the beginners and intermediate level riding. You can train yourself using the skateboard on varying surface conditions with ease. The simplicity of the skateboard also provides you with safety. If you wish to upgrade to the pro section, you may prefer to use the Boosted Dual+.