Acton Blink Lite Electric Skateboard Review

The ratio between board weight and the payload carrying capacity (7.7LBs: 180LBs) is the key factor that differentiates the Acton Blink Lite from the other skateboards in the market today. The designers of the best off road electric skateboard have shaped it for optimum level of safety, torque, speed, durability, and functionality. The board dimension of 4” X 4” X 4” with centerboard battery and single hub board motor assembly provide perfect balance and acceleration. The designers have kept the wheel dimension at 70mm (high compared to the board dimension and weight) to ensure maximum payload capacity at variable speeds. You can operate the skateboard at three modes of eco, standard and the sporting.

For Whom the Acton Blink Lite Works

The Acton Blink Lite is specifically designed for the kids and teens in your family. The tag “off road” specifically means it is to be used in safety zones where the vehicular traffic is zero. The time gap between the application of the regenerative brake and the halting of the board (sliding stop) is another reason to keep it off the busy roads in your city. But these two factors don’t take away the volume of sheer fun and excitement delivered by the Acton Blink Lite skateboard. Here are a few highlights, which can make you become an ardent fan of its features.

  • Speed: The maximum speed of the Acton Blink Lite is 10MPH in standard conditions. This feature may look a bit odd, especially if you are a kid who loves high speed boards. This board is designed for the beginners who love to have some fun and entertainment within the safety zones marked for the bikers and skaters. Once you get sufficient experience in the three modes of the board, you can think of promoting yourself to the higher versions like the Acton Blink S2.
  • Safety: The Acton Blink Lite is designed for maximum rider safety, while ensuring easy switchover between forward and reverse motion. The deck design ensures perfect body balance, while the remote gives you complete control over the acceleration, deceleration, and the braking actions. The coordination between the wheel, truck, and the deck construction ensures stability while traveling in the crouched & feet-apart posture. The powerful LED lights onboard make your presence felt by the pedestrians, bikers, and others on the roads during the nights.
  • Comfort: The Acton Blink Lite offers unique foot controls onboard for starting, stopping, moving and accelerating. The same features are also available on the Bluetooth connected remote control. The first task is to find your comfortable posture by balancing the front and hind legs. The limited space onboard gives you only a few options. But they are the ones to ensure maximum comfort and safety factors while riding. When you keep your knees slightly bent, it is possible to push the center of gravity towards the ground. The board deck surface has sufficient gripping spots where you can pres your feet and stand. Make sure you wear the shoes made of polyurethane sole with zero treads patterns. It has to provide you maximum support without slipping elements. Bit of extra cushion in the sole interior is good enough to provide better comfort. Lightweight canvas shoes are always better for good grip.
  • Power: The 450watt single hub motor works with the power supply from lithium-ion battery of 25.5 volts and 2.2Ah. The maximum speed of 10mph is to ensure constant fun and entertainment without taking any risks. You can ride the Acton Blink Lite to your school, as long as you keep away from the busy and heavy vehicle traffic roads. The motor has the power to push your skateboard at an angle of 4.6degrees uphill with the same speed and acceleration features. This inclination may not look too impressive for you when you read it here. But when you take your new Acton Blink Lite to the “action field” and ride up this angle, you can certainly feel the excitement running through your nerves. Moreover the maximum speed of 10mph comes closer to the average speed of professional bike racers.
  • Consistency: The Acton Blink Lite works consistently at the sped range of 10mph for five miles range on the standard road conditions. This is a feature which allows you to enjoy your ride when you go on the skateboard lanes. You can use the remote control to turn, reverse and vary your speed according to your needs. The regenerative braking system allows you to stop comfortably without collision and sudden impacts.

How to Get the Best of Acton Blink Lite

  • Training: The Acton Blink Lite is useful for getting trained for the fundamentals of skateboards. You may start from the age of 6-7 and continue to use it till you reach mid teens. By this time you would have certainly gained considerable experience on this skateboard. Then you can move onto the higher version like the Acton Blink S.
  • Fun: You can ride the Acton Blink Lite for pure fun with your friends and family. The beach ocean roads are the safest zones where you can ride on over long distances with no risks and disturbances.
  • School: – Riding to school on the Acton Blink Lite is more exciting than going by your school bus or your dad’s car. But you have to be careful and stay only on the skateboarder lanes.
  • Carry: You can carry the lightweight Acton Blink Lite to wherever you go on your holidays. Even while traveling by train, you can wrap it up and take it with you.


  • Top speed and range for kids’ skateboards.
  • Light weight and travel friendly.
  • Best safety features.
  • Sturdy deck and powerful motor.
  • Waterproof and splash proof body.


  • 2 Hours of recharge time.


The Acton Blink Lite is your preferred choice for training and entertaining until you reach your mid teens. Then you may perhaps switch over to the next version like the Acton Blink Board.