Acton Blink Board Electric Skateboard Review

The Acton Blink Board California Bear Electric Motorized Skateboard has an attractive appearance and great functionality. The vast numbers of fans have also attached the best affordable electric skateboard tag to it. The board weighs just 9LBS and its dimension is 3.94” X 5.91” X 27’. The package includes a 350W motor, LED strip, remote control, charger and a skateboard strap. The Polyurethane wheels have high level of tensile strength, hardness, impact resistance, road grip, and contact patch. Wheel diameter is 83mm and the hardness factor is 78a. The board has a maximum speed of 15MPH and a range of 6 miles. The full charging time for the inbuilt battery is one hour. Now, we will analyze these properties and their influence on the performance parameters of the Action Blink Board Skateboard. For the other similar product, you can read the review on the Acton Blink S.

Design Features of the Action Blink Board

The board material is Canadian Maplewood. The maximum support for rider weight is 220LBs. The manufacturers have designed the board to work in two distinct modes, namely the beginner and pro. AS a beginner you will find the features to be highly helpful in training and skill development. As you proceed to the pro level, you can get a firm hold on the Acton Blink Board.

  • Skateboard Design: the 27 inches length and 5.91 inches width gives you ample space to stand onboard and balance your body while moving at top speed. The top surface is designed to provide maximum grip to your feet and proprioception (balance and agility) to the lower part of your body. The design effectively reduces the reaction time of your body, so you can keep riding on inclination of 15% from the horizontal surface without losing your balance.
  • Motor Design: The 350W motor design consistently powers the board movement to perform at the top level. The propulsion mechanism has the optimum value for the power to weight ratio. The designers have also optimized the internal gear ratio, spur gear, and the pinion gear for balancing the torque. The motor has an inbuilt strong drive belt that is resistant to friction and impact.
  • Wheel Design: The 83” diameter wheel design synchronizes perfectly with the motor design to optimize the torque. Polyurethane material has a hardness factor of 78A. The “A” scale durometer of 78 is stated to be high but optimum in the range of 50-100, since the value ensures best hardness without brittleness. Hence, the wheels can carry a maximum of 220LBS at top speed and be durable for several years.
  • Battery Design: The Lithium Ion 360V/2Ah/10C battery connects directly to the core of the motor. The power supply rate of 2 amps per hour is said to be sufficient to push the motor at optimum speeds. When the speed increases at the same supply, the range of battery may decrease slightly. But the performance remains the same. The high discharge rate of 10C means the motor can draw 2Ah X 10C =20 amps of power from the battery without any damages to it. You will be amazed to experience such power packed features on the low cost Acton Blink Board.

Functional Features of the Acton Blink Board

The remote is the key controller of the installed functional features onboard. The 6” truck on the skateboard bottom has a perfect design of axle and hanger width. They provide maximum support for the axle running through them to keep the skateboard from falling over at curves and inclinations. The base plate provides high level of safety to the assembly at runtime. The higher version of this product can be found in the review on the Acton Blink S2.

  • Safety: – The Acton Blink Board has the top rating for safety at the maximum speed due to the combined effects of the top board and the truck assembly. You can easily train yourself to the pro level, once you have gained sufficient experience at the beginner level. You can safely ride through bikers’ alleyways and skaters’ safety zones without any fear of risks. Using the skateboard strap provides added safety and protection from falls.
  • Speed: – The remote device controls the speed from 1mph to 1mph seamlessly. You can accelerate, decelerate, stop and reverse in a smooth flow of action transformation. However, you need to slowdown gradually before reversing, though stopping is always better to ensure maximum lifetime of the motor and the battery.
  • Braking: – The brakes onboard the Acton Blink Board work mainly on the wheels attached to the high power motor. They function effectively to avoid collision with pedestrians, bikes and moving objects that may cross your path unexpectedly. The speed recommendation when you are on busy roads is within 10mph to ensure your safety.
  • Lighting: The lights (onboard the Acton Blink Board) are bright enough to illuminate the board even during daylight. The pedestrians and bikes can clearly see you moving on the alley on your skateboard. The latest technology LED systems consume only a fraction of the battery output hence the probability of over usage is zero.
  • Maintenance: The key parts you need to maintain are the motor, battery, and the wheels. You can easily loosen the axle nut with the help of the Acton Blink Board tools. Then you can clean the motor and fasten the wheels onboard. The user manual provides clear instructions which you can follow in simple steps.


  • Lightweight design with maximum rider weight support for 220LBs.
  • Added safety with skateboard strap.
  • High tensile strength and durometer value (78A) wheels.
  • Perfect board design for optimum body balance.
  • Designed for beginners and pros.
  • Economical costing.


  • Maximum speed limited to 15mph with range of 6 miles.
  • Regenerative braking is stated to be not available.


According to my experience, the Acton Blink Board California Bear Electric Motorized Skateboard is very good for beginners. When you get trained and gain sufficient skills, you might want to opt for a higher capacity board. However, the cost to performance ratio is perfect for the board. If you wish to find a similar product for the kids and teens, read the review on the Acton Blink Lite.