Whitney Wells Interview

Interview By: Michael Sieben

So Whitney, the first thing I noticed about you when I watched your footage was that you’re really good at riding your skateboard. Why?

It’s from a strict diet of cigarettes, beer, juice, and random health foods. But really…I have no clue why (awkward question.)


I think my favorite clip in your video part is the half cab down the smaller set of stairs followed by the nollie frontside 180 down that big ass set of stairs. Was that scary?
Thanks for liking that one, and hell yeah it’s scary. It’s more of a drop then a gap, that’s why i was rolling up the windows on the nollie half cab.


Do you know where the intersection of Colfax and Corona is? I lived about a block away from there for six months when I was 21. Is this a legitimate interview question?
Any question is a legit question. And I go by there all the time, my friend Josh Murphy lives right over there, and I always hit up the liquor store near there.


What is your favorite skateboard graphic ever?
This is a super tough one to answer. There are to many, but I really love the street scene series that Evan Hecox did for Chocolate a long time ago. Did I lose points cause I didn’t say “I love all of your graphics”?


Have you ever dropped in on a vert ramp?
Fuck no, I’ll leave the black guy skating vert to Alfonso Rawls. (Is that how you spell his name?)


Do you own a skateboard helmet?
I used to. Skaters look cooler when they skate with bike helmets though.


Who is your favorite author?
I have no clue. I haven’t read a real book since high school, so I couldn’t tell you. Maybe that dude who wrote Goosebumps or something.


Favorite pair of jeans ever?
Levi’s 511’s. That’s all I rock until I can get free clothes.


Dyrdek’s show or Sheckler’s show? Why?
Neither. Don’t even get me started with Sheckler. But I watch cartoons more then anything.


Do you skate for an independently owned skateboard shop? If so, do you want to mention them in your interview?
The Denver Shop, best shop in Colorado, independently owned and will always be that way. thedenvershop.com


What was the weather like in Denver during your 31 days as Roger of the Month?
Wow. So shitty. We got more days of shit then we did good. I think I managed in between working, not having a filmer, and the snow, to film one trick.


What’s next for Mr. Wells? Are you filming for any other upcoming videos?
Just starting to film for the next Denver Shop video and other random videos, but mainly just trying to get whatever I can.


Wanna throw out any words for potential shoe sponsors in the world?
Uhhhhh. Hook me up? I am poor and live in the hood….?


Keep up with Whitney through his online blog of blogging: http://nastyniggaaa.blogspot.com/

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